We design websites and apps, produce movies and develop brands. So there. 


Huddle Creative is an award-winning group of design experts hell-bent on developing valuable and relevant brands. Scroll down to see selected examples of our work...

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The Huddle is the key

In American football there are two overarching strategies for success:  DEFENSIVE and OFFENSIVE. 

Defensive to protect your position when the competition is breathing down your neck. 

Offensive to aggressively score and take the lead over your competitors.

The defining moment is the Huddle.

This is where you define the creative and strategic approach that changes the game. In your favour.

Often it relies on surprise, for business you can call this: INNOVATION.

However, the type of innovation deployed depends exactly where you are on the field of play and who’s on your team.

That’s where Huddle come in...

  1. We meet with you to define the goal you’re aiming for with reference to your overall business situation.
  2. We select the right process from our ‘play book’ to address the goal and call in the right team members to execute it.
  3. We run the play towards goal and replay the results to see if we can improve it. This will ultimately lead to success.



Coolbrands is the leading barometer of Britain's coolest brands, people and places, but their website portrayed the opposite. 

Huddle pulled together an A-team of design and technical specialists, and working collaboratively with the client, we created a slick, engaging site experience the coolest people in the country are proud to be associated with.


MPD's are a spectrum of serious blood disorders that affect young and old alike. Through our rebranding and website creation work for MPD Support, we gave MPD sufferers and their carers a voice.

Working closely with their marketing arm based in the U.S. and their chief consultant from Guy's and St Thomas' Trust, we produced a highly interactive, informative and empathetic platform for a wide range of sufferers with a broad base of conditions, giving value way exceeding the charity's budget.



When Skype wanted to offer Wi-Fi to the masses, they went to established wireless integration specialists, Wicoms. And when Wicoms needed a reliable partner to design and build a bespoke e-commerce platform to sell the new service, they came to us.

Dealing directly with  Skype and working closely with Wicoms, we created a solution that clearly explains the new proposition, allowed customers to configure their order to match the size and scale of their business, and integrated the payment system with Wicoms' order processing database.

The Huddle team were highly creative and thorough with both the brief and the execution of the project. We expect to work with Danny and the team again and would certainly recommend them.
— Peter Hase, CEO, Wicoms


Global recruitment specialists FiveTen Group had rebranded the whole business but still needed to roll-out their new branding across individual company websites

We were asked by FiveTen to create a very consistent look across the Group. We devised a simple structure that would work within the CMS being delivered and allow FiveTen Group to cross-sell their services to a wider, global audience.

Easter comes early for Bunnyfoot

Usability gurus and web designers rarely get along but we've been working with the UK's leading user experience company Bunnyfoot on and off for the past 10 years. 

Having been involved in the creation of their corporate logo back in 2004, we were delighted when they asked us to overhaul their website. 

The brief was simple: create a strong, confident brand to reflect Bunnyfoot's premier position in the market; design and build a responsive website to work on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones; and above all, make it USABLE!

A site that sells for Geo 

Geo is a fast growing technology company. It specialises in the design and build of bespoke dedicated fibre networks for businesses that have high demand for data use. Huddle Creative were briefed to completely overhaul Geo's corporate website to reflect their innovative approach (they run cables through old sewer networks!) and become a primary source for lead generation.

Moving away from the previous product-based positioning, we created a new information architecture built around specialist industry sector knowledge.

Geo's immediate reaction to seeing the design concepts for the first time: "WOW!"

We are delighted with the look, navigation and operational efficiency of the new website; the feedback from users has been highly complimentary. Visually, the new site mirrors Geo’s confident, disruptive attitude and the strong colours and imagery reflect an evolution of the brand, whilst continuing to set us aside from traditional telecoms companies.
— Geo Head of Marketing Communications, Karen Quinn

Hollywood, baby! – A different kind of corporate film for Helix

We have been working with Helix Property Advisors since early 2009, first designing and developing their website and subsequently their brand guidelines and toolkit. So when we were asked whether we would produce a movie, we intuitively knew what kind of film would hit the mark. Out with your typical sales presentation and in with an up close and personal perspective of the property industry. Have a watch and let us know if you like it. We think it's as nice as the people who work there!

Following a strong recommendation, we’ve worked with Huddle Creative on our marketing for since 2009. They listen well and give careful thought to their work which is always produced to a very high standard. Throughout our recent rebranding they have been enthusiastic, resourceful, and always pleasure to deal with.
— Abi Colthrust, Head of Marketing, Helix Property Advisors

It all stacks up for Haystack Online

Haystack is an independent intermediary consultancy, responsible for helping large brands find and work with the best agencies around. 

Already a highly successful business, Haystack placed over £500 million advertising and marketing budgets at the time. Our main challenge as an agency was to help recreate this success online.

Huddle proactively critiqued the original site pointing out where improvements could be made and  were later commissioned to undertake the full redesign.

This challenging project involved overhauling the site's content architecture, functionality and front-end design then overseeing all aspects of user interaction and technical build.

Shortly after launching, Haystack Online deservedly won a BIMA award in the best B2B category. 

Introducing an innovative product to the UK market

When entrepreneur Peter Harrod was visiting his niece in New Zealand, he stumbled across a product he thought would be perfect for the UK domestic and small business market. He promptly negotiated  UK distribution rights for Pest Free, a product that got rid of pests without poison or other cruel means. Not to be mistaken for cheap ultrasonic items flooding the market, the device works by safely fluctuating electro-magnetic currents through the wiring of your home or office.

To connect with people facing a horrid pest problem, we created a brand and a novel e-commerce website featuring footage of rats filmed from below. Like the product itself, we also included a way for you to get rid of the horrid things!

A new exterior for Indigo Interiors

Indigo Interiors are an established, family-run interior design outfit. They specialise in design for the rental market, dealing with private and corporate landlords based in Mayfair, Belgravia, Hampstead and other exclusive locations in London.

In 2009, when the recession was biting hard, the owners had the confidence and foresight to invest in their brand and online presence. Since then, we have been privileged to help Indigo Interiors develop a strong and contemporary corporate identity, easy-to-use and mobile-friendly website and signage for their premises and fleet of vehicles.

Last but not least, a Last Tango in Croydon

We wanted to draw some attention to a wonderful charity called the Place2Be, an organisation dedicated to improving the lives of less fortunate kids by providing them with a safe haven to be themselves within the school environment. 

Now, we're not the type of 'do-gooders' who climb up mountains or run marathons, so to achieve our goal we thought it best to put our creative muscles to the test.

We wrote and distributed a short story and much to our delight it landed on the laps of some very talented people. Thank goodness for social media, eh?!

Within a few hectic weeks veteran actor Keith Barron, a fantastic director, BAFTA-nominated scriptwriter, wonderful DOP (that's cameraman to you and I) and around forty other movie professionals jumped on the fast-moving train that came to be titled Last Tango in Croydon.

Not only that, we were lucky enough to employ the talents of Applied Works for the titles and MyTherapy for the colour treatment – the latter had just finished grading the blockbuster movie, Sherlock Holmes!

Unfortunately we can't credit everyone here but they all did brilliantly. And all for free. We might not have won an Oscar but every one of them is a superstar in our eyes!

If you would like a free copy of the Last Tango in Croydon DVD, just send us a message with your full postal address, but don't forget to contribute something here first though!


Process: it is everything (We learnt that the hard way)


We think process gets a bad rap. It's often perceived as the antithesis to creativity. Crushing ideas before they have room to flourish. Constraining people to think inside the box. Causing frustration and discouraging openness. But we have discovered the complete opposite is true. To us, a correctly defined process can be liberating. It can allow creative people to spend the majority of their time doing what they do best - innovate. It can help people with different skill-sets and personalities work together efficiently and truly collaboratively. Targets get hit. Budgets are saved. End results are generally better. That's right folks ... process is good.